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Allah Yaar Khan Jogi
Ajj Aakhaan Waris Shah Nu by Amrita Pritam

Information and Poem on Mahraja Ranjit Singh || ਮਹਾਰਾਜਾ ਰਣਜੀਤ ਸਿੰਘ ਬਾਰੇ ਜਾਣਕਾਰੀ ਤੇ ਕਵਿਤਾ

There have been very few rulers in world history that through their governance have ruled the hearts of their people. One such great ruler was Sher-e-Punjab (Lion of Punjab) Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Maharaja Ranjit Singh is known in the history of Punjab as a brave warrior, glorious Maharaja and great personality. He was the leader of the Sikh Empire and saw everyone with equality. His army not only included Sikhs but also included Hindus, Muslims and Europeans. Here we present you with a poetic piece about Maharaja Ranjit Singh from the famous "Jangnama Singhan Te Firangian" by Shah Mohammad.

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